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Sonic Relief has been proven to reduce your pain by over 45%. With most users experiencing relief immediately and noticing their pain receding over a 2-3 week period.
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Since 2003, Sonic Relief has been providing easy, affordable pain relief to hundreds of thousands of happy customers; from Olympians to veterans, from teens to seniors! Let’s get in touch and make sure Sonic Relief is right for you!


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Here at Sonic Relief, we want to make sure that you’ll get the most out of your Sonic Device. Send us an email and we’ll get one of our highly-trained specialists to make sure our device is a good fit for you!

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Sonic Relief


Proven technology

Ultrasound has been used to treat injury and chronic conditions for over 70 years.


Easy to use

The detailed treatment manual included makes it easy to treat a multitude of conditions and injuries.


Cordless, portable

Sonic Relief is cordless and rechargeable with a standard USB charger making it usable worldwide and on the go.

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