Our Story

The story about Sonic Relief’s birth is similar to many other stories. A need, a lightbulb moment and a solution. This is the story about a doctor and a chiropractor who were working together in a physical therapy clinic in Toronto Ontario in late 2002.

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sonic relief

More About Our Story

One day, the doctors were administering ultrasound treatment to a patient and the patient asked if he could take the treatment machine home. The patient didn’t have time to keep coming to the clinic (in this case 3 times per week) for his necessary treatments. What’s more, the treatments were expensive. Here’s the lightbulb moment… The doctors began thinking that yes! Patients should be able to treat themselves at home with ultrasound. They further thought about patient outcomes and that if the patients could treat their ailments with ultrasound more than a few times per week, (in fact more than once per day) that they patients would get better, faster! The seed for Sonic Relief home use ultrasound therapy had been planted.

In designing the first home use therapeutic ultrasound device they solidified the cornerstones of Sonic Relief and these are still the most important features today. Then, as still holds true today, Sonic Relief home use ultrasound should be:


Treat soft tissue injuries and conditions with ultrasound at home, use it when and where you want.


cheaper than paying for office visits or professional units, saving time and money. Who doesn't love that?


Even better than going into the office – getting people back to work, back to life, back to health faster.

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We Care About Our Customers!

To this day, Sonic Relief continues the tradition of caring about the outcome of Sonic Relief users and their injuries with quick and personal customer-service.

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