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What Are Heel Spurs?

Heel Spurs are a form of bone spur located in the heel and they are often associated with Plantar Fasciitis. Bone spurs can occur on any bone, and are most prone to occur on joints and areas where tendon and ligaments attach to bone.


  • Walking gait abnormalities,which place excessive stress on the heel bone, ligaments, and nerves near the heel
  • Running or jogging, especially on hard surfaces
  • Poorly fitted or badly worn shoes, especially those lacking appropriate arch support
  • Excess weight and obesity
  • Increasing age, which decreases plantar fascia flexibility and thins the heel’s protective fat pad
  • Diabetes
  • Spending most of the day on one’s feet
  • Frequent short bursts of physical activity


  • Sharp pain – like a knife sticking into the bottom of your heel, especially in the morning for the first few steps
  • Sore heels after standing for long periods
  • Stabbing or sharp pain in the heels when standing on tiptoe, climbing stairs or standing up after long periods of being seated
  • Pain in the heels after exercise
  • Swelling of the heel
  • Pain occurs most often when:
    • getting out of bed in the morning.
    • jogging, playing golf or other sports.
    • while out walking or shopping.After a full day on your feet especially while at work.


  • Shoe inserts to help alleviate pressure
  • Taping or strapping to rest stressed muscles and tendons
  • Shoe inserts or orthotic devices
  • Night splints
  • Physical therapy
  • Using over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil), or naproxen (Aleve)
  • Stretching exercises

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Ultrasound is a great choice to treat Heel Spurs and has been used in clinics for decades.

  • Ultrasonic sound waves are pulsed into the affected and inflamed tissues at a million vibrations per second.
  • The sound waves penetrate the skin and surface layers causing the soft tissue to vibrate. This produces increased blood flow to the area to help reduce local swelling and chronic inflammation and thereby relieve pain.
  • Increased blood flow also delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the tissue, removes cell waste and aids healing. Regular ultrasound therapy on your heel spurs relieves pain and speeds the healing process.
  • Ultrasound is a drug free and proven modality.

How to use your Sonic Relief to treat Heel Spurs

  • Apply a quarter size dollop of ultrasound gel on the bottom of the heel or over the area of pain.
    • Note: it is recommended to wash your feet before adding the gel as naturally occurring salt in sweat can break down the gel.
  • Turn on the Sonic Relief device to the “high” setting.
  • Apply the sound head directly over the gel and move slowly in a small circular motion no wider than 3 – 4 inches.
  • Add more gel if the gel begins to dry out.
  • Sonic Relief will shut off after 10 minutes at which time the treatment is complete.
  • Wipe the gel from skin and the sound head with a soft cloth or paper towel.
  • You may treat multiple areas one after the other – ie, bottom of foot, upper ankle and left side, right side as needed.
  • Put the Sonic Relief back in the charger to be ready anytime you need it for heel spurs or any other soft tissue pain or injury.
  • Treat each area up to 3 times per day for 2 weeks. Then treat as needed.
  • Good idea: keep your Sonic Relief by your bedside. Do your treatment before you go to sleep for a chance at a pain free night. Then first thing in the morning  to start the day off right.  Then try to get a 3rd treatment in during the day – either before or after an activity that generally exacerbates your pain (before exercise, long walks, or extended standing).

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I have a Heel Spur for a year now, got the ortho insoles and the shoes to go with it also, still alot of pain next morning but I finally found my cord that was missing from my sonic hand held machine and after one application my feet felt so much better I can’t explain the relief, its one great product, get one if you have pain and who doesn’t have PAIN….

Jeanette Jardine, Ontario