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Sonic Relief Gel is specially made to work with your Sonic Relief Device. Use of any other product with your Sonic Relief is not recommended and may affect the performance of your device or can even damage the doppler head. Sonic Relief gel is hyperionic so it conducts the ultrasound waves better than any other medium. Using any other medium will void your Sonic Relief warranty.

The Sonic Relief rechargeable battery lasts about 4 treatments before needing to be recharged. However, you can use it corded by inserting the cord into the bottom of the device and the USB end into a USB wall adapter.

For those with sensitivity to the medicated ingredients, we do offer an approved plain ultrasound gel which conducts the soundwaves without the benefit of the medicated ingredients. You will still benefit from the dosage of ultrasound while using this approved gel. Send us an e-mail and we’ll arrange your plain gel order.


Orders to Canadian and UK addresses are shipped from our Canadian distribution center via Canada Post. US orders are shipped from our US distribution center via UPS ground.


Yes, Sonic Relief can treat many different ailments over different parts of the body. Furthermore, you can treat several locations during the same day with no ill effect – the ultrasound works on the area you are treating only.

Use of Sonic Relief is not recommended if you are pregnant. Consult your physician.

Use Sonic Relief daily for the first two weeks at the daily frequency specified for your condition. During the third week drop the frequency of treatment 3 days per week (at the daily frequency specified for the condition). Week four should be a week off. By the end of this cycle there is absolutely no improvement in your condition, please consult a physician.

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