Here’s To New Beginnings

Trust the magic of new beginnings.


Spring has sprung – and so have most of us (or we’re about to be sprung) as lockdowns lift and life restarts. At Sonic Relief, we know that new beginnings, like a change of season, a new normal, or a new way of doing things, can bring different feelings.

Ask yourself, how do new beginnings make you feel?

  • Excited?
  • Anxious?
  • Impatient?
  • Fearful?

Us too!  But that didn’t stop us!

Sonic Relief is beginning anew!

The pandemic has made a lot of people review how to do things and we did too! Our team took a long hard look at our relationship with our valued Sonic Relief users. And then, we undertook the biggest relaunch of our messaging in our 18 year history.  

To start, if you haven’t been yet, check out the newly relaunched Sonic Relief website

You’ll see: 

And since this is just the beginning, look forward to more from Sonic Relief:  

We feel like Sonic Relief customers are more than just users of our product.  You’re part of our inner circle, members of our club of people who want to help themselves to a better life.  We’re a team!

So, we’ll be launching more information for the Sonic Relief Community.  SRC Members will have the first look at helpful e-books, webinars and courses as well as access to affiliate products at reduced prices. So you can begin feeling better, making a better life.

It’s a great time to start something new.  

That made us wonder:

  • How many times, just thinking about a new beginning has stopped us in our tracks?
  • How many possibilities, ideas, new beginnings we can provoke if we trust their magic?
  • How could you improve your life by starting one thing? 

What if tomorrow YOU begin to tackle that nagging pain… 

  • Could you achieve better sleep?
  • Could you be more active?
  • Could you reduce your reliance on pain medication?
  • Could you enjoy more time with your friends and family?

Just begin!

  • 10 minutes, 2-3 times per day is all it takes.  
  • Sore back, tendonitis, shoulder pain? Get out your Sonic Relief! 
  • A family member with sciatica or plantar fasciitis? Tell them about Sonic Relief! (and get a special discount when you refer a friend) 

To demonstrate our commitment to helping you be successful in your healing journey, download this free treatment tracker chart – a tool to keep you on track. 

You’ll be surprised at how good you feel when you just begin.  

Don’t have a Sonic Relief?  Get one here!! 

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Share with friends who should start a new pain-free life.  

Article by

Sherry Cooper – Director of Customer Service, Sonic Relief User