Sonic Relief™ Safety Information

  • Never use the Sonic Relief™ ultrasound unit for treatment without using the Sonic Relief™ conductive gel.
  • Never clean the unit with water or submerge it under water.
  • Never use Sonic Relief™ on children under the age of 18 without the recommendation/supervision of a physician or therapist.

The use of Sonic Relief™ is NOT recommended:

  • Over organs (stomach, liver, lungs, spleen, bowels, heart, kidneys)
  • Over the pelvis, abdomen and lumbar (lower back) region in pregnant or potentially pregnant females
  • Over highly ultrasound-sensitive organs (eyes, ears, ovaries, testicles, brain, spinal cord)
  • Over mucous membranes (mouth, nose, rectum/anus, vagina)
  • On patients with pace-makers or electronic implants
  • On patients with phlebitis, deep venous thromboses
  • On patients with haemophilia/bleeding disorders
  • On areas with poor circulation
  • On patients with spina bifida or surgical laminectomies of the spine
  • For 6 months after treatment with radioactive dyes
  • On tissue and/or bone with active infection
  • Over areas suspected to be cancerous or pre-cancerous
  • Over de-sensitized (numb, hypoaesthesia) areas of the skin (eg. diabetic neuropathy)
  • Over open sores or lesions
  • In the front of the upper neck (thyroid region)
  • Over joints or tissues that have been injected with medication, within the last 3 months
  • Over plastic or cement implants
  • Directly over the skull or bony prominences (i.e. bony part of elbow)
  • Over growth plates in children under 18 years of age
  • On tissues that have been preconditioned with heat or cold prior to ultrasound treatment

We recommend you consult a physician before using any medical device.