About Sonic Relief

Sonic Relief is Portable Pain Therapy

Sonic Relief is your personal therapeutic ultrasound device. It’s the same ultrasound technology used at your physical therapists office designed and tested to be effective and safe for home use ultrasound therapy. It is lightweight, safe and portable. Its contoured handle allows for comfortable, easy application to all areas of the body. Use it at home, while traveling or at the office!

Your Sonic Relief unit has been demonstrated to be an effective therapeutic device for the treatment of multiple medical ailments. Sonic Relief emits ultrasound waves at a frequency of 1-million vibrations per second (1 MHz). Its pulsed wave technology with 10 minute shut-off makes Sonic Relief safe to use.

Sonic Relief has been scientifically and medically tested to relieve pain and promote healing. Sonic Relief is Chiropractor and Doctor recommended for patients who require ultrasound treatment for ailments. Sonic Relief comes with specially formulated Sonic Relief Ultrasound Gel which gives immediate topical relief while conducting the ultrasound waves deep into the affected tissues.

Cost Effective and Convenient

Sonic Relief delivers the same kind of pain relief and healing benefits as professional ultrasound treatment at the physical therapy office. When used in conjunction with other physical therapy regimens, users can reduce recurring physical therapy costs and decrease time traveling to inconvenient appointments. Your Sonic Relief unit may be covered by private insurance plans.

Thank you for a truly amazing product!

Dear Sonic Relief,About 9 months ago my Doctor prescribed ultrasound treatments for my chronic tennis elbow. As an avid player, I have been suffering on and off with this condition for years. The ultrasound definitely works.

Recently I purchased a Sonic Relief and WOW what a difference. Being able to give myself treatments at home was not only easier and more convenient, but I got much better results than when I was going for treatments twice per week.

Since I got my Sonic Relief, my suffering is over. When I feel the pain returning I treat myself every day for a week or so and I stop the tennis elbow before it ever returns. The time between flare-ups is getting longer and longer, and my game is better than ever.

Thank you for a truly amazing product!

Jeff Hall – Jacksonville, FL

What is therapeutic ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a therapeutic modality that uses high frequency sound waves that penetrate the skin’s surface and improve damage and inflammation of soft tissue injuries and conditions. Ultrasound is not a new technology, it’s been used in professional practice since the 1940s.  Physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists and sports therapists all use ultrasound to help their patients with their pain and injuries.

Key benefits of ultrasound

Increases Blood Flow: Ultrasound waves cause increases in tissue relaxation and local blood flow to the treatment area. The effect of the increase in local blood flow can be used to help reduce local swelling and chronic inflammation. Increased blood flow delivers needed oxygen and nutrients, and removes cell wastes.

Enhances Absorption of Analgesics and Anti-inflammatory Agents:Ultrasound can also be used to achieve phonophoresis. This is a non-invasive way of enhancing the absorption of analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents to tissues below the skin using ultrasound waves.

Decreases Trigger Point Pain: Ultrasound works by decreasing the pain/sensitivity associated with muscular trigger points. Studies have demonstrated trigger points to be important causes of headache, back ache and all types of muscular/soft tissue “overuse” syndromes.

Who Should Use Ultrasound Therapy?

Do you experience joint, tendon, ligament or muscle Pain? Inflammation? Reduced Range of Motion?

Then Ultrasound Therapy might be right for you!

Elite athletes have used ultrasound therapy for years – ultrasound is what allows them to get back in the game so quickly after they injure themselves. Before Sonic Relief, ultrasound therapy was only available to those who could afford expensive, professional-grade machines or 3-times daily access to a physiotherapist. Now, everyone can benefit from access to the exact same technology, as often as necessary, at a fraction of the price.

 Treat pain and inflammation free from drugs or surgery

Ultrasound is drug free! Users may be able to reduce the high cost of medication and treat pain and inflammation without worrying side effects of drugs.  Many users have been able to avoid or significantly postpone surgery while improving their lifestyles pain-free.

Whether you’re a senior citizen, an athlete or just someone experiencing pain, ultrasound therapy is safe to use and is a great treatment option for many of your aches and pains.

Get one if you have pain and who doesn’t have PAIN….

I have Heel Spur for a year now, got the ortho insoles and the shoes to go with it also, still alot of pain next morning but I finally found my cord that was missing from my Sonic Relief hand held machine and after one application my feet felt so much better I can’t explain the relief, its one great product, get one if you have pain and who doesn’t have PAIN….

Jeanette Jardine, Ontario

How Long Until I Notice Results?

You should notice pain relief nearly immediately after you begin treating yourself. If you follow the recommended treatment schedule as indicated in the user manual, your pain should continue to recede over a 2 or 3 week period. After you’ve relieved your pain, you should continue to treat yourself once or twice a week to ensure that your pain does not return. Results may vary and do depend on the nature and severity of your ailment. The Sonic Relief Treatment Manual and Trigger Point Chart will let you know how and where to apply the ultrasound treatment for your condition.

Sonic Relief Safety Information

  • Never use the Sonic Relief ultrasound unit for treatment without using the Sonic Relief conductive gel.
  • Never clean the unit with water or submerge it under water.
  • Never use Sonic Relief on children under the age of 18 without the recommendation/supervision of a physician or therapist.

The use of Sonic Relief is NOT recommended:

  • Over organs (stomach, liver, lungs, spleen, bowels, heart, kidneys)
  • Over the pelvis, abdomen and lumbar (lower back) region in pregnant or potentially pregnant females
  • Over highly ultrasound-sensitive organs (eyes, ears, ovaries, testicles, brain, spinal cord)
  • Over mucous membranes (mouth, nose, rectum/anus, vagina)
  • On patients with pace-makers or electronic implants
  • On patients with phlebitis, deep venous thrombosis
  • On patients with haemophilia/bleeding disorders
  • On areas with poor circulation
  • On patients with spina bifida or surgical laminectomies of the spine
  • For 6 months after treatment with radioactive dye
  • On tissue and/or bone with active infection
  • Over areas suspected to be cancerous or precancerous
  • Over de-sensitized (numb, hypoaesthesia) areas of the skin (eg. diabetic neuropathy)
  • Over open sores or lesions
  • In the front of the upper neck (thyroid region)
  • Over joints or tissues that have been injected with medication, within the last 3 months
  • Over plastic or cement implants
  • Directly over the skull or bony prominences (i.e. bony part of elbow)
  • Over growth plates in children under 18 years of age
  • On tissues that have been preconditioned with heat or cold prior to ultrasound treatment

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